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Definition of Noun     NOUN :-   A noun is a word which is the name of a person, thing, place or quality. Name of things   :-...

1. Noun - Part 1

Definition of Noun  

NOUN :- A noun is a word which is the name of a person, thing, place or quality.

Name of things :- table , chair, book, pen, pencil, tree, flower, plant, water, milk, gold, silver, paper, wood, iron, stone, hill, sky, sun, moon, earth, river, door, window, bicycle, etc.
Name of Places :- Street, lane, village, town, city, room, state, district, country, continent, world, field, ground, class, school, college, university, Gandhi Chowk,  India, Andhra Pradesh, Asia etc.,
Names of persons ;-Boy, girl, mother, father, brother, sister, man, woman, king, queen, master, servant, doctor, actor, collector, teacher, student, clerk, officer, Ram Chandra, Lalitha, Ambica, Keats, Tagore, Shakespeare etc.,
Qualities :- Honesty, sincerity, patience, beauty, strength, courage, weakness, knowledge, power, cleverness, poverty, cruelty, kindness, sympathy etc.,

Nouns are mainly of two types:-
  A. Concrete Noun      
  B. Abstract Noun.

A. CONCRETE NOUN :- Concrete Noun is one which can be seen and touched.
Eg:- chair, table, house, boy, girl, water etc.,
B. ABSTRACT NOUN :- An Abstract Noun is one which can not be seen and touched, but that can be thought of.
Eg:- God, death, air, honesty, sound, pain, patience, wisdom, pity, bravery, beauty, power, knowledge, cruelty, joy, liberty, kindness, perseverance, youth etc.,

Note:-We must not write any article before Abstract Nouns.
Eg:- 1. Death is inevitable.
       2. I always pray to God.
       3. We should worship beauty.
       4. Patience is a virtue.
       5. Knowledge is power.
       6. Honesty is the best policy.
Note :- We can write article ‘the’ before an abstract noun. when the name of a particular person is given.
 Eg:- 1. The honesty of Gandhi is admirable.
         2.  The death of Subhash Chandra Bose is heroic.
         3.  We must worship the beauty of Nature.
         4.  The God of Hindus is Vishnu.
         5.  We must appreciate the knowledge of Abdul Kalam.
         6.  The bravery of Bhagat Singh is unforgettable.

 Concrete Noun is of four types.
 i. Proper Noun 
 ii. Common Noun
 iii. Collective Noun
 iv.Material Noun.

i. PROPER NOUN:- A Proper Noun is the name of a particular person, place or thing. The names of days, months, rivers, seas and oceans, mountains, languages, islands etc., are also proper nouns. Proper Noun begin with a capital letter.
Names of particular persons: -  Rams, Krishna, Sameera  and Sudha etc.

Names of Particular Places: - Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh,  Mumbai and New York etc.,

Names of Particular things: - Ford (car), Bru (tea), Samsumg(TV), Colgate(Paste), Prestige (cooker) and Acer(Computer Monitor). etc.,

Names of Rivers: - Krishna, Godavari, Nile, Ganges and Thames etc.,

Names of seas and oceans: - Indian ocean, Arabian sea and Pacific ocean etc

Names of days and months: - Friday, Sunday , April  and September etc.,

Names of languages: - Telugu, Hindi, English and Sanskrit etc.,

Names of mountains and islands :- Himalayas, Everest Alps, Sri Lanka and Andaman’s, Vindhyas etc.,

ii. COMMON NOUN :-  A Common Noun is the name of a person or a thing in general.
Eg:- Boy, girl, woman, man, village, town, country, table, chair, book, doctor, student, teacher, flower, cow, tree, city and hill etc.,

Note:- Generally article is not used before a proper noun. But we can use article ‘the’ before a proper noun when it is used as a common noun.

Eg:- 1. Kalidas is the Shakespeare of India.
 2.  Mussolini is the Hitler of Italy.
 3.  Kode Rama Murth is the Bhima of modern times.
 4. Krishna is the James Bond of Andhra.
 5.  Chiranjeevi is the Bruceles of Andhra.
 6.  Krishna Sastry is the Shelly of Andhra.
 7.  Bombay is the Manchester of India.

 1. He is a Hitler.
 2.  Krishna is a James Bond.
 3.  She is a Savitri.

iii. COLLECTIVE NOUN:- A Collective Noun is group of Persons or things used as a single unit.

Example :- group, crowd, team, family, committee, bunch, gang, union, fleet, squadron, flock, herd, poetry, scenery, machinery, jury, stationery and army etc.,
 A flock of sheep and birds.
 A fleet of ships.
 A team of players.
 A bunch of flowers and keys.
 A bouquet of flowers.                                                  
 A squadron of aeroplanes.
 An army of soldiers. etc.,

iv. MATERIAL NOUN:- A material noun is the name of some matter or substance.
Eg:-  Gold, silver, copper, iron, lead, glass, wood, wool, cotton, clay, paper, stone, marble etc.,

 (We must not write any article before material nouns. We can write a or an  before these material nouns when they are used as adjectives.)

Eg:- 1. Gold is a precious metal.
 2. Silver is a bright metal.
 3. Iron is a useful metal.
 4. This is made of marble
 5. This bottle is made of glass.
 6. This pot is made of clay.
 7. These doors are made of wood.

 1. It is an iron box.
 2. It is a gold ring.
 3. It is a paper boat.
 4. It is a silver coin.