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Logical Reasoning

1) Number Series - Thoery

    Number Series - Solved Questions

2) Number Analogy - Concept and Kinds of Analogies

    Number Analogy - Solved Examples

3)  Number Classification - Approach to Solve Classification problems

     Number Classification - Solved Examples

4)  Letter Series - Types of Letter Series

     Letter Series - Solved Examples

5) Letter Analogy - How to Solve Letter Analogy Questions

    Letter Analogy - Solved problems for practise.

6)  Word Analogy - Types of Word Analogies

     Word Analogy - Solved Examples 2

7) Word Classification - How to find the odd word in the given list of words

    Word Classification  -Solved Problems

 8) Coding - Decoding - Basic Concept and Problem Solving Approach

      Coding & Decoding - Solved Examples for Practise.

9) Number Ranking and Time Sequence Tests - Theory and Examples 

10) Logical Sequence of Words