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                               PHRASAL VERBS FROM T to Z take after  someone: resemble a family member Ex: I take after my father. ...

English Vocabulary - Important Pharsal Verbs T to Z

                               PHRASAL VERBS FROM T to Z

take after someone:
resemble a family member
Ex: I take after my father. We are both inpatients.

take something apart:
purposely break into pieces
Ex: Rajesh took the motorbike breaks apart and found the problem.

take something back:
return an item
Ex: Ramya has to take our new Laptop back because it doesn't work.

take off:
start to fly
Ex: My plane of Lufthansa airlines takes off in twenty-five minutes.

take something off:
remove something (usual clothing)
Ex: Take off your socks and shoes and come into the lake!

take something out:
remove from a place or thing
Ex: Can you take the garbage out to the street for me?

take someone out:
pay for someone to go somewhere with you
Ex: My paternal uncle took us out for dinner and a movie.

tear something up:
rip into pieces
Ex: Sravani tore up her ex-boyfriend's letters and gave them back to him.

think back:
remember (often + to, sometimes + on)
Ex: When I think back on my youth, I wish I had studied harder.

think something over:
Ex: I'll have to think this business offer over before I make my final decision.

throw something away:
dispose of
Ex: Raju threw our his old car away when we won the lottery.

turn something down:
decrease the volume or strength (heat, light etc)
Ex: Please turn the Television down while the guests are here.

turn something down:
refuse (refusing some offer)
Ex: He turned the job down because he doesn't want to move.

turn something off:
stop the energy flow, switch off
Ex: My father wants me to turn the TV off and come for dinner.

turn something on:
start the energy, switch on
Ex: It's too dark in here. Let's turn some lights on.

turn something up:
increase the volume or strength (heat, light etc)
Ex: Hey Sita! Can you turn the music up? This is one of my favorite songs.

turn up:
appear suddenly
Ex: Our cat turned up after we put posters up all over the neighborhood.

try something on:
sample clothing
Ex: I'm going to try these shirts on, but I don't think they will fit.

try something out:
Ex: I am going to try this new brand of bath soap out.

use something up:
finish the supply
Ex: The kids used all of the bath soaps up so we need to buy some more.

wake up:
stop sleeping
Ex: We have to wake up early for work on weekdays.

Warm someone/something up:
increase the temperature
Ex: You can warm your feet up in front of the fireplace.

prepare the body for exercise
Ex: I always warm up by doing some yoga exercises before I go for a run.

wear off:
fade away
Ex: Most of the actor's make-up wore off before she got to the shoot.

work out:
Ex: I work out at the gym 5 days a week.

work out:
be successful
Ex: Our plan to complete the task worked out fine.

work something out:
make a calculation
Ex: We have to work out the total cost before we buy the car.