Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Blood Relations - Chart of Useful Blood Relations

                          Blood Relations - How to solve questions
Problems of this type involve analysis of certain blood relations and then inferring on the basis of given information.
Chart of useful Blood Relations :
The following chart is very useful to solve questions on blood relations given in competitive examinations like bank Po, clerks and SSC examinations
Mother’s or Father’s son = Brother
Mother’s or Father’s daughter= Sister
Mother’s or Father’s sister = Aunt
Mother’s Sister = Maternal Aunt
Father’s sister= Paternal Aunt
Mother’s or Father’s brother = Uncle
Mother’s brother= Maternal Uncle
Father’s brother=Paternal Uncle
Mother’s or Father’s mother= Grand Mother
Mother’s mother= Maternal Grand Mother
Father’s mother= Paternal Grand Mother
Mother’s or Father’s father= Grand Father
Mother’s father = Maternal Grand Father
Father’s father= Paternal Grand Father
Son’s Wife= Daughter-in- law
Daughter’s Husband= Son-in-law
Husband’s or Wife’s sister= Brother-in-law
Brother’s son = Nephew
Brother’s Daughter=Niece
Uncle or Aunt’s son or Daugther= Cousin
Sister’s husband=Brother-in-law
Brother’s wife =Sister-in-law
Grand Father’s only son= Father
Grand Mother’s only son= Father
Grand Father’s son = Father or uncle
Grand Mother’s son =Father or Uncle
Grand Father’s only Daughter-in-law= Mother
Grand Mother’s only Daughter-in-law = Mother
How to solve blood relations problems:
For solving questions on blood relations, the best method is to back track i.e, start with the last information and proceed backwards
For example , pointing to a lady  Gupta said “ She is the daughter of my grandfather’s only son”
Then first go with the last information “my grandfather’s only son “. My grandfather’s only son means my father. Now daughter of my grandfather’s only son” becomes daughter of my father. Daughter of my father is my sister.
Hence “she is the daughter of my grand fathers only son “ becomes my sister.
Hence the lady is sister of Gupta or Gupta is brother of that lady.

Example 1 : Sharma said “ This girl is the wife of grand son of my mother”. How is Sharma is related to that girl?
Grandson of Sharma’s mother means Sharma’s son.
Wife of the grandson of Sharma‘s mother means Sharma’s daughter-in-lw.
Hence, Sharma is father-in-law of that girl
Example 2: Pointing to a person, Sudheer said to Vasudha” His mother is the one of the only daughter of your father “. How was the woman related to the person?
One of the daughter of Vasudha’s father means Vasudha’s sister.
Then the person’s mother is the Vasudha’s sister.

Hence Vasudha is person’s Aunt.