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Verbal Reasoning for SSC , Bank Tests -- Logical Sequence of Words

          Verbal Reasoning – Logical Sequence of Words
Logical sequence of words section evaluates the analysis of an event that completes in different stages or steps.
In this kind of questions, certain inter-related numbers words are given and followed by various sequences of the numbers denoting them, as answer choices. The students have to arrange words in logical sequence.

Example 1 : Arrange the following words in a logical order strating from the smallest .
(RRB Mumbai 2011)
1.    1. Sea               2. Ocean                 3. River                  4. Pond
a)    1,2,3,4     b)4,3,1,4                 c)3,4,2,1       d)4,3,2,1
Answer :  B
Explanation : 
Logical order of given words starting from the smallest is
4 .Pond     ->  3. River    -> 1. Sea          ->2. Ocean

2.    1. Centi              2. Deca                   3. Kilo           4. Deci
a)4,1,3,2            b)2,3,4,1       c)1,4,2,3       d)4.2,3,1
Answer : C
Explanation : 
Centi meter = 0.01 of meter
Deci meter  = 0.1 of meter
Kilo meter = 1000 m
Deca meter = 10 m
Hence the logical order from smallest to largest :  Centi à  Deci à  Deca à   Kilo
So correct answer is C

3.    Arrange the words in a meaningful logical order and then select the appropriate sequence from the alternatives provided below.
          1.    Tamil Nadu    2. Universe              3. Chennai     4. World        5. India 
        a)    1,5,3,2,4       b)2,1,3,5,4    c)3,1,5,4,2     d)5,4,2,1,3
Answer :  3
Explanation : 
Chennai is in Tamil Nadu, Tamil Nadu is in India, India is in world and world is in universe.
Meaningful logical order of given words
Chennai à Tamil Nadu  à India à World à Universe

4.    Arrange the following in  a meaning logical sequence :    (WBCS 2008)
1)Consultation     2)Illness        3)Doctor4)Treatment 5)Recovery
a)2,3,1,4,5                   b)2,1,3,4,5    c)5,2,1,3,4     d)2,3,4,5,1
Answer :B
Explanation :
When somebody falls ill , he needs to consult a doctor . Then doctor gives treatment then he is recovered.
Therefore, logical sequence of words :
Illness à Consultation à Doctor à Treatment à Recovery

5.    Arrange the word in a meaningful logical order and then select the appropriate sequence from the alternatives given below  :   (Indian Postal Dept PA/SA  2014)
1.    Poverty         2. Population     3.Death      4. Unemployment     5. Disease
a)3,4,2,5,1    b)2,4,1,5,3    c)2,3,4,5,1     d)1,2,3,4,5
Answer : B             
Explanation :
More population leads to unemployment , Unemployment causes poverty, Poverty causes disease and disease leads to death
 Meaningful logical order of given words
  Population à Unemployment à Poverty à Disease à Death

6.    Arrange the following words in a meaning logical order     (CBI Exam 2004)
          1.    Yarn             2. Plant                   3. Saree        4. Cotton                 5. Cloth
a)2,4,1,5,3         b)2,4,3,5,1    c)2,4,5,1,3     d)2,4,5,3,1
Answer :  A
Explanation :
Cotton is made from the plant. Yarn is made from the cotton. Yarn is converted into a cloth. Cloth is used to make a saree.
  Therefore, the meaningful logical order of words is : Plant à  Cotton à Yarn à Cloth à Saree

7.    Arrange the following words in a meaningful order       (SSC CBI 1993) 
         1.    Galaxy          2. Sun           3. Moon                  4. Earth                  5.Stars
         a)    4,3,2,5,1       b)3,4,2,5,1    c)2,3,4,5,1     d)1,4,3,2,5
Answer : b
Explanation :
All the celestial bodies exist in the galaxy.
So meaningful logical order of words is : Moonà Earth à Sun à Stars à Galaxy

8.    If the words à Adult , Youth , Teenager and Childhood are to be arranged in its natural order, which word should appear in the fourth place?      (RRB 1999)
           a)    Teenager                b)Youth                   c)Adult          d)Childhood
Answer : C
Explanation :
Correct logical sequence of given words is :  Childhood à Teenager à Youth à Adult.
Adult is the word which appears in fourth place

9.    Which of the given responses would be a meaningful order of the following words
          1.    Pupa             2. Larva                  3. Moth                   4. Eggs
a)4,3,2,1            b)4,3,1,2                 c)4,2,1,3                 d)4,1,2,3         (SSC 2013)
Answer : C
Explanation :
Meaningful logical order of words :
Eggs à Larva à Pupa à Moth
Hence the correct answer is C

10. Which of the following responses would be a meaningful order of the following continents in ascending order of area ?   (SSC CGL 2013)
          1.    South America                   2. Africa        3. Europe                4.Australia
5. North America
a) 2,5,1,4,3        b)2,1,5,4,3    c)2,1,5,3,5     d)4,3,1,5,2
Answer :  D
Explanation : 
Australia is the smallest continent. 2nd smallest continent is Europe. 3rd smallest continent is South America. Next largest continent is North America and largest continent is Africa.
   Australia à Europe  à South America à North America à Africa
Hence, the correct answer is D

11.  Arrange the words given below in a meaningful logical order    (UGC LDC 2013)
           1.    Word            2. Paragraph  3. Sentence   4. Letters      5. Phrase
a)4,2,5,1,3         b)4,1,3,5,2    c)4,1,5,2,3     d)4,1,5,3,2
Answer : D
Explanation : Group of letters is a word . Group of words is a sentence. Group of is a phrase and group of phrases is sentence and group of sentences is a paragraph
So the correct logical sequence of given words :
Letters à Words à Phrase à Sentence à Paragraph

12. Which one of the given responses would be a meaningful order of the following? (SSC 2013)
           1.    Rain    2. Sunlight               3. Vapour      4.Cloud
a)4,1,2,3            b)2,3,1,4       c)3,2,4,1       d)2,3,4,1
Answer :  4
Explanation : The meaningful logical order of words :
   Sunlight à Vapour à Cloud à Rain


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